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Last Prisoner Project

We're donating 1% of all online sales to Last Prisoner Project

The most dangerous threat cannabis poses to any single person has nothing to do with the effects of THC, CBD, or any other natural properties of the plant. The real threat is from the outdated, illogical laws that still govern the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis. The proof is in the numbers: over 40,000 individuals in the United States are incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes – many of which are no longer even considered crimes thanks to some legal progress.

Enter the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization composed of cannabis industry leaders, artists, and executives dedicated to bringing restorative justice to an industry that has privileged the few while leaving so many more behind, locked up and without a lifeline.

Want to know just how many have been left behind?

Take a look at these shocking numbers, courtesy of the Last Prisoner Project:

  • 15.7 million people arrested for cannabis-related offenses in the last decade
  • $47 billion spent every year on the so-called “War on Drugs”
  • $10.4 billion in legal cannabis industry sales in the U.S. in 2018

The Last Prisoner Project utilizes a three-pronged approach – intervention, advocacy, and awareness – in order to secure FULL freedom for the communities they serve, with campaigns designed to correct the harms of unjust laws and policies. They believe that anyone profiting from or freely engaging in the legal cannabis industry has a moral imperative to work towards restorative justice. No one should remain incarcerated or continue to suffer the spiraling secondary consequences of prohibition and the War on Drugs, a war which continues to disproportionately impact communities of color.

The communities harmed the most by these immoral laws are not the communities that are now benefiting from the changes in legislation. In light of that unfortunate truth, it’s especially important for us to use our platform and space within the cannabis industry to focus on redistribution of wealth.

As legalization continues to become more prevalent across the country, we are committed to implementing a culture that allows our community to share both the experiential and the financial benefits of the amazing plant that is cannabis. Reform Wellness stands wholeheartedly with the Last Prisoner Project on this hyper-relevant issue, which is why we’re committing 1% of all sales to their mission.

In their first year of operation alone, LPP was able to implement direct services in three states and engaged in policy reform in ten states, with six additional states to be targeted as legalization continues to spread across the country. Some of the legislative advocacy includes urging state lawmakers to pass criminal justice reform measures like Clean Slate and Ban the Box initiatives to ensure that those with cannabis offenses on their record have equal access to employment.

With COVID-19 disproportionately affecting both communities of color as well as incarcerated individuals

LPP has also stepped up to be an advocate for these unheard voices. The work of the Last Prisoner Project calling for immediate decarceration efforts and safety measures for incarcerated communities has been successful, leading to the release of hundreds of at-risk individuals. Other successes include securing safety and hygiene resources for facilities and the development of the LPP compassionate release program, which matches individuals seeking compassionate release with pro bono attorneys.

Check out the Last Prisoner Project’s website to find out more about their mission and vision, learn more about their other advocacy campaigns, and read the empowering stories of their constituents.

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