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Is it Legal?

Delta 8 is a form of THC that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. You are undoubtedly aware of its much more famous variety, Delta9 THC. Delta 8 THC is simply another one of the chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, which is simply the name for the group of compounds uniquely found in cannabis. Another famous cannabinoid is CBD, which is also relevant to anyone wondering, “Is Delta 8 legal?” 

The answer is yes, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018

Also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act. The Farm Bill legalized the use of non-THC cannabinoids from hemp grown in accordance with the legislation. The legal definition of hemp is the plant Cannabis sativa, with a THC content of under .3%. The law removed hemp from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act and gave the US Department of Agriculture federal authority over the crop. The Farm Bill opened a larger door for the hemp industry in the United States, creating lots of opportunities for hemp growers, cultivators, and manufacturers across the country. 

The key factor to maintain federal legality is that 0.3% figure; if THC content exceeds that number, it’s no longer hemp. The legality of cannabis on the state side still varies from place to place, with 15 states in total having legalized cannabis for medical, recreational, and/or both. Products that contain CBD and other non-THC cannabinoids fall within the boundaries of the Farm Bill; is Delta 8 legal in this sense? Yes, because Delta 8 THC contains 0% THC derived from cannabis and is grown in a manner consistent with the Farm Bill.

Products containing Delta 8 THC are completely and entirely legal, able to be purchased online no matter where you live.

While Delta 8 THC is legal by federal standards, some states have their own hemp laws that don’t match up. That’s why our Delta 8 gummies are the first of their kind; currently the only THC product that can be safely, easily, and legally purchased online, from any state, backed with a payment processor that accepts all major credit cards.

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